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You can always make more money but you can't make more time. Bookkeeping is more than recording daily transactions. It involves organizing and filing paperwork, paying bills in a timely manner, making sure client accounts are up to date, payroll is processed on time, and all remittances are made to the CRA.

All this is very important, but rarely is it a small business owner’s favourite task. You did not go into business to do the books. The sheer volume of extra work can be very daunting, but without it you are basically flying blind.

Your time is valuable and you should be focussed on growing your business, not dealing with the mundane tasks that we are capable of handling.

Prioritizing and organizing your office is our specialty. With our years of experience we can get your office squared away and make sure it stays that way. It will save you time and money being able to find everything quickly.

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